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    Hey Maurice,

    I think you've hit upon something that is going to be a growing theme in the Academy, as more members join.


    The biggest strength of Feedback Friday, is that we all have the same set of multitracks to work from. How do we incorporate other mixes without detracting from that?

    As the Academy grows, Feedback Friday will reach a 'saturation point' in terms of submitted mixes. Adding even more potential mixes to the melting pot is only going to add to that problem.


    On the other hand, it'd be great if we could think of a framework to accommodate previous multitracks. I'm just not sure what that might be. For example, it's taken the best part of a year for us to come up with a way to accommodate Member's Productions into Feedback Friday (and we still haven't implemented it yet).


    I think having a 'Flashback Feedback' or similar, where we feature a different set of past multitracks each time, might work. However I'm not sure it's practical to add it to the existing Feedback Friday setup, because of time constraints.

    Perhaps each month we could feature a set of past multitracks. We could revisit old Academy mixes and encourage member feedback on mixes by new members.

    If Warren has the time (and that's a big if), he could end the month with a live Academy discussion / workshop, where we listen to excerpts of old and new PLAPA mixes that stood out for one positive reason or another.

    The live session could be structured around the structure of the mix : start by looking at the drums, then the vocals etc... using members mixes, as positive examples of how to solve a particular problem.


    A little rough and ready... but it might work.