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    You have a devil's advocate hat? I picture something viking-like, but with flames coming out of the top of it 😉

    The guidelines are intended to create a framework for evaluating a nomination, but they're by no means hard and fast rules. A member could simply explain, why they like the production. We could attach a note to the guidelines, so it's clearer.

    In regard to Rule 1. Each member can only nominate one new production per calendar month. , I think this would pretty much police itself... but would could make member's obliged to write the date of the last new production, they nominated.

    The point about it favoring more advanced producers is a tricky one. In a way it should, as other PLAPA member will be able to help with the more fundamental technical issues.

    Having said that, as you say, it does come down to personal taste as well. I think there's enough range of tastes and opinions within the Academy, that all types of production will appeal to some members.

    There may well be people who do not want feedback from PLAPA members at all and only from Warren - aka The Guru aka The King Of Creativity. ...buut, if they have that attitude, do they really deserve his feedback in the first place? After all, this is a community. We all help each other.

    I take the point that an unpolished production may be of more educational value than a polished one. Perhaps we could have different categories of production :

    1) Beginner
    2) Intermediate
    3) Advanced

    We also have to decide if all productions are eligible for feedback. Should competition entries or professional productions (for paying clients) be eligible for feedback?

    Perhaps Warren could offer a separate premium service for professionals seeking his feedback as a Producer?

    We may also need a moderator/(s) to keep an eye on the nomination system and make sure everything is running well. I'm happy to volunteer.

    Good stuff! Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I think we're getting there. Just need to work out all the kinks.