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Cris Sabater Sabater

    Hi Axel, I have not used a reverb on the stereo buss but that is not to say that it should not be done! We are involved in art and as such art has no boundaries and if there are rules there they are there to be broken! Personally I tend to use reverbs on aux channels associated with a group of channels that need that kind of treatment. Drums are usually something I would do this with. I get your idea and I presume you are trying to convey the feeling that everyone tracking is in the same room. I think that perhaps an even smaller amount than 5% will work also can I ask do you use an EQ after the reverb? If not I would try it as even with small amounts of reverb on the stereo buss you may find the some mud enters the mix due to the nature of reverb. Using high pass and low pass filters at both ends of the EQ will help to cancel out any potential problems there. Happy mixing mate! Cheers. 🙂