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    The devil's in the detail with this one. Uh Oh... I have a cunning plan 😉

    Member Nominations

    1. Each month PLAPA members can nominate another member's track for feedback.

    a) They do this by creating a new topic in the 'soon to be created' Member Production Feedback Thread.

    b) They must include the following :
    i) a link to the original posting
    ii) reasons for their nomination

    2. Other members can then '2nd' the nomination by replying to the topic, stating their reasons why.

    3. At the end of each week the productions with the most nominations get included in Feedback Friday.

    4. Once included in Feedback Friday, the topic for that production is closed by a moderator.


    1. Each member can only nominate one new production per calendar month.

    2. Each member can '2nd' / support as many nominations as they like.

    3. Members can not nominate their own track. Sorry. Deal with it.


    1. The number of nominated productions featured in Feedback Friday can vary, depending on time constraints etc.

    2. When nominating a production, members should consider the following :

    a) Has the production been developed as much as possible by member feedback?

    b) Does the production feature work by more than one PLAPA member?

    c) Has the member responsible for the production already received feedback for one of their productions?

    d) Why is this production ready for Warren's feedback?

    3. Productions seeking nomination are simply posted, as they are now, in the personal mixes thread.


    Hope that all makes sense. Feel free to add, subtract or ignore as you see fit 😉