There isn't a lot of stereo placement in terms of one instrument down one side, one instrument down the other...

    There's some left than right panning on some of the guitar tracks, but it's sat back into the ambience. And pretty much lost on Soundcloud.

    ...there's variations of stereo width through the mix, though the stereo image seems to have collapsed during Soundcloud processing.

    ...just uploading a new version. I've rejigged the Stereo Bus Compressor and Limiter. And gone into the mix and reworked some of the limiting on the individual instrument tracks etc.

    ...I've also backed off on the automated EQ I put on the stereo Bus to let more lows through in the Verses...

    ...and let more lows and more low mids through on the reverbs. Seems to have added some warmth and tone to the mix.

    I've also emphasised the changes in Stereo Width a little more.

    ....a lot of it spans from how I was trained sound for film : Limiters - I was told to never use them. And I was trained to automate, rather than use a compressor. ...so I struggle to have any feeling for how I'm working the dynamics. ...just gonna take more practice.