Jeff Macdonald

    On further inspection it seems the bass guitar was very poorly eq'd. I pulled the horns back into the track a little bit, and messed with the automation a bit more to help ride them into the track. I did some additional eq to the vocal reverb send to halo-fy it. I like the result, thanks for that tip! I also added a bit more of that return to help the vocals sit a bit more and push the actual vocals quite a bit back into the track. I also played a bit with the instrumental tracks to get a slightly better mix, especially with ethereal guitars, I completely redid my automation there. I think that worked, but maybe I am bias as I made the adjustment. I also found a piano track that I had neglected, I made that considerably more audible and backed some of the low mids out of the horns and organs, I had some un-needed boosts there. Finally I re-did the bass tone a bit as it was driving me nuts.

    Hopefully version 2 is sounding a bit more complete.