Drums are great - really nice weight to them... sound really deep and toneful

    Brass comes in really nice... much more 'wow factor' to this mix...

    The stereo is placement is working really well...

    drums could come down a bit 3.17 in... the track gets lighter, but drums do not... maybe an eq thing rather than a level thing??

    Violin is maaaaybe a touch low... but hard to tell on my setup...

    The brass might come in a touch heavy... but not by much... feels a little 'driven' for such a laid back track... bx_refinement or similar might help to just ease the edge off.

    Could make a little more of the organ...

    Buut... overall, pretty great mix.

    ...just listening to the original to compare... I prefer the violin and the mix of instruments that comes through on the original.... but your drums are working much better for me... I prefer your vocal as well - too much reverb on the original for my taste.

    Your mix feels more modern... more hip hop influenced (if that makes any sense??). The original has a more indie feel to it... apart from the vocals which are mixed much more upfront than in your mix - a tad too much, I'd say.

    Ain't no bad thing, Chris, when I can listen to the orginal mix and not only does yours stand compare... it actually has the original beat in one or two areas. ...to my taste anyway.