Nice rich tones....

    Drums are nice and weighty - perhaps could do with a bit more definition... feel a bit 'thuddy'

    Like the way you've done the 'gang vocals'. Different from the original mix.

    The guitar on the left hand side feels a little detached from the mix.

    It's interesting, it's denser than your usual mixes.... you usually go for more separation than that. I like it... gives it a laid back, band feel...

    Ending is very nice... everything gets that little lighter and drifts away.

    The overall feel of the mix is working well for me... feels nostalgic and melancholic. The vocal tone is great. Felt a little up front on the HS7s... but a better level on the mixcube.

    Listening to it again on the mixcube... if you haven't already check the mix on a laptop speaker or earbuds... feels a little 'scooped out' on the mixcube. High frequencies are nicely managed - usually it's the mixcube that brings out any harsh frequencies or 'toppy mixes'.

    That violin is really nicely EQ-ed... typically violins sound like nails on chalkboards through the mixcube... but it sits very nicely in the mix.

    I think the direction is spot on. The broad strokes are all there. The challenge will be to bring a little more precision and definition to the mix, without losing the overall feel you've achieved.