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Mark Warner

    Hi Gary,
    I would like to help you but I am not sure if I can as I am not a Pro tools user. Like you I have studied Warren's videos to pull out best practice for mixing and and adapt it for my DAW. So generally knowing something of Warren's methods it might be that some drum outs are sends for outboard hardware. Why do I suggest this? Well Warren is at times well into hybrid mixing. It is also usual for Warren and most mixers to send things in many directions for drums. For example kick and snare nearly always get sent to the master but also to a parallel compressor. Warren usually calls this a Drum Crush. Depending on sample type and their purpose not all kick samples might go to this. For instance something added to boost a transient might not need crushing. Also a parallel ambient reverb is normally added and some things get routed to this as well. Warren calls this a Drum Room. On occasion he also route to something he calls Drum clean which doubles the piece sent to it. I personally also include an HF reverb which I call a Unity Reverb and I send from HF items to this to glue different parts of a mix together. I don't know if any of this is at all helpful to you so I am sorry if it does not answer you question. Cheers Mark