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    Don't have iTunes... should probably get round to that 😉

    I think youtube has a different LUFS range to itunes and Spotify... think I read that somewhere...

    It'd make sense that they'd do different masters for different media - don't know whether they do or not. Particularly if they're releasing the track on Vinyl which has a dynamic range of 120db Vs CDs 96db (I think that's right).

    Here's an extremely geeky list... albums and their dynamic ranges :

    I don't know if it's accurate or not. It claims that Aerosmith's Music from another Dimension has a maximum dynamic range of 8., it doesn't say 8 what?? db? lufs? feet and inches? 😉

    ...anyway, maybe Warren can chime in tell us, if Music from Another Dimension does indeed have a dynamic range of 8 somethings...

    Re the Oxford Limiter, I run it on the UAD platform... though I assume the native version is the same quality etc...