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Axel Ronsin

    This may be a little late in coming,
    but I have recently moved from Event 20/20Bas to Neumann KH120s.

    I was amazed by the Neumann's precision as compared to the Events.
    For the first time, a change of 1dB on an EQ could be heard in the speakers.
    They are also a lot more faithful to the mix at low volumes.

    On the down side,

    1/ they lack power.
    This WE I had a band over for a listen.
    I turned the KH120s up, but they were not able to give me the umpf
    I used to get from the larger more powerful Event 20/20s.
    (And my control room is small)
    Now I understand why professional studio have near fields AND huge monitors 🙂

    2/ they don't have much below 80Hz
    I am thinking of getting a subwoofer to fix that.
    I hear decent subwoofers can be had from Yamaha for less than a 100 Euros / bucks...

    I hope this helps one of you.


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