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Axel Ronsin


    I am in similar delima
    As I am producing a local band
    of talented 17-year-olds
    with no money.

    I am producing them
    and providing the recording studio
    and writen a song for them
    and doing some digital marketing
    and music video...

    I have told them
    I would shortly be coming to them
    with a production agreement.

    But what is a fair win/win deal?

    I was thinking:
    1/3 costs (to recoup recording, mastering, some gear for them, digital marketing and anything else that is needed to promote them... moneys forwarded by me)
    1/3 for them (up to them to split)
    1/3 for me

    Is it viable? Just for all parties?
    Is it still "production" or am I in "manager" territory?

    Any thoughts or help is welcome.

    Thank you,


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