Something I've found to be really useful... I listen to the mix on my mp3 player through earbuds while walking the dog. Start at a 'regular' listening volume - listen a few times. Then drop the volume - listen again a few times. Eventually I end up barely being able to hear the mix.

    Each time I drop the volume, certain instruments or parts will 'drop out' and certain parts will stand up too much. Then when I get to the studio, I adjust the mix accordingly.

    Apparently, mobile devices have a dynamic range of only 6db (compared to Vinyl, which is 120db). I found this a really useful article :


    When I mixed 'Night Falls', I mixed to an average LUFS of -16 and a LUFS range of 2. It is by far the closest 'translation' from what I hear in my DAW to Soundcloud, I have ever managed. I've been really frustrated lately by how badly my mixes were translating to soundcloud - so I've been doing a lot of research into it.

    Hope some of that helps! You're a fantastic mixer and one of the guys on PLAPA, who inspires me to get better and try to match the quality you bring to all your mixes.