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Magnus Hallin

    Hi Jared!

    Yeah, I put it together last weekend. However, one of the film capacitors were missing in the kit, so JPK had to send me another one and that one hasn't arrived yet. So I haven't yet made the final assembly and setup! But I tell ya.. I was reeeeaaally bitten. Love this DIY-stuff and will buy more 🙂

    EDIT: Sorry, forgot to answer what iron I used. It was named Xytronic, found here:
    A cheap digital station but it worked wonderfully. Used a 1.6mm chisel tip and that also worked great. Used 0.5mm solder with a 60/40 blend. Could perhaps have used a bit thicker solder but with 0.5 there is no way you're risking putting on too much. Also, this was my first ever build, had never solder on PCB's before. A lot of guitar pickup changes though 😉

    I'll load up some pics on where I am right now!

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