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Loren Knight

    Thanks all for posting. I have heard bits and pieces about DO's and Don'ts with many of the social media entities.
    First I wonder, what should I do first. You see, I'm not really interested in Facebook for my personal life. But for business that is a different matter. It (God voice on) MUST BE DONE. (God voice off)

    I'm guessing that the very first thing for an artist would be a Sound Cloud account (or equivalent). I think I need quality content first thing. So maybe also start a web site?

    So, maybe this order?

    1) Create great content (at least an EP worth in the studio).
    2) Create and post content on Sound Cloud. (and do's and don'ts here?)
    3) Create nice expandable website for bio, pics, and audio. Be ready for a on-line store for content? I've heard that unless this is the direction you choose specifically, do not discuss politics, no way no how.
    4) Facebook and Twitter. (After SC and Website things should be well thought out by now)
    After some time explore other social media.
    5) Get music on Google Music, Amazon, and iTunes.
    5a)Is internet "radio" really totally necessary? (That could be it's own topic I'll bet.)

    My personal (tentative) plan was to get at least an EP's worth of music done so the world would hear my best stuff in it's best light first. Then I could make a sort of "Draft Music" page where I can easily post complete but non-studio quality music (acoustic mono maybe). Maybe even poll for what songs to record in the studio next. My power is melody and lyrics so I think I can get away with that if it is clear to the listener that these are draft recordings and they've heard what the studio results are. Or is that all a foolish idea?

    Man, back in the day is was schmoozing bar managers and neon paper fliers. We had a jar for Kinko's flier money.