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    Lately I've been doing this process in order to set it all up for mixing and beef up the tracks with some analog emulations, also to print them in order to save dsp.

    I used to have slate's bundle, which included VCC, but I've paused the sub and now I'm trying more affordable alternatives. I still own VTM, which is almost a must on every track. I've tried Sonimus britson and Hornet's Analog Stage. This second plugin as an automatic gain feature that I find really useful to quickly set up levels. The britson plugin has couple of really nice and smooth HPF and LPF, and you can either use it for coloration or trim (no autogain).

    It's worth mentioning that these plugins are quite inexpensive, Britson is around 40€ iirc, and Hornet's Analog Stage is under 20€

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