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    Hi Guys,

    Very interesting Subject!
    @ljemusic do you have the links or the names of the videos you're talking about? i would really appreciate 😉

    On my side, i have been using the -18 rms as a magic number for all my tracks also on the master fader.
    But i hear lot of mixes that hit at -14 rms so i'm asking myself if this would be another magic number to get louder masters?
    i'm really curious about that subject...i read a lot about plug ins having their sweet spot (in most of the cases) at about -18 rms so what would be the best way to proceed? starting with -18 and putting a limiter or MV2 or so at the end of the plug in chain to boost the signal?
    or does it not matter at all if your track is at -18/14/or 8 as soon as it does not clip???
    i also believe a mixing level at -14rms means more compression in the channels and subs am i right?


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