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Mark Warner

    Cable Management - My Top Tip

    Old habits die hard - Back when I was using big desks and tape machines at home or in a studio, time was money. It would cost far more to hold up a recording session for lack of the right cable if an odd one was needed for a piece of equipment brought in by an artist or because one choose that exact moment to become faulty. So we would keep long cable spares and plugs that could be cut up and remade quickly.

    Reading Toby's comment above reminded me that I still do this. I hate having cables too long or, even worse, too short. So when I add a new piece of equipment I make cables to the exactly length then there is no excess cable laying around. Isn't this wasteful and expensive you might ask? No, quite the opposite. When I order a new piece of equipment from a supplier like Thomann for instance, I always add some extra cables to the order such as their 10m XLRs. This saves on postage. I buy bulk bags of Neutrik connectors from RS components, Farnels or Studio Spares which brings the costs down. It allows me to make any combination of cable for a fraction of the price of a pre made one. For example 20 .5m patch leads end up costing me about £1.25 each instead about £3 minimum plus I get the exact length with no wastage as I use whatever is left over to make another cable. Even really short pieces will get reused as part of an insert lead (Y lead).