Jeff Macdonald

    Wow thanks for all the info. I am in the process of trying to get him to do my design as well. It sounds like his plans are extremely thorough. Do you have any pictures of the final build by chance? I would love to see what you built.

    Also, I still owe you some CAPI 312/26 drum recordings - I haven't forgotten about ot, I've just been completely overwhelmed trying to sell our home and get another that is more 'studio friendly' - hence asking you about John's services. I ended up with a 34x28 garage with 14' ceilings so hopefully I can get a decent space in there. I will get some recordings soon though and get them posted - I also just picked up a pair of the colour CP-5 pre (they are 20% off this weekend, so I'm looking forward to building and trying those as well.