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    I’m the total opposite, I love gating drums especially on faster songs. Although I usually find gating too imprecise, I use ‘strip silence’ instead on Kick, Snare & Toms. After doing that tedious job, it’s much easier to use clip gain and trigger samples. More overall control and separation also becomes noticeable when using pan and on individual sends for reverb.
    Overheads and room mics become increasingly important and one trick to glue it all together is create a custom made drum room track using artificial reverb (UAD Ocean Way Studios, Overloud REmatrix). If you like a grittier tone you can also use only the raw kick and snare tracks (no gating) and use lots of compression and distortion with the lows & highs turned down. This track can play the role as alternative mono room mic/Wurst-mic (© Moses Schneider).