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Jerry Padier

    Hey all, We just recently installed a SSL 9000J Console. She is 48 channels of pure bliss. I have been getting things connected and all the outboard gear patched in. I have used a 4000 G+ a while ago but it was already configured so all I did was ADR, vocal overdubs and some commercials all with minimal track counts.

    So my question is to those with console experience, What is the best way to set up multiple channels of cue mixes? I will be needing up to 16 outputs for an Aviom headphone mix system. I know I can use the Stereo Cue sends, but this is 2-ch. I do not think I want to use sends from Pro Tools as I am afraid of latency for the musicians. A few guys I work with are super sensitive to latency. Also would like advice on setting up FX sends and Echo returns. The console is super flexible and I know lots of people set it up differently. Just needing some help wrapping my head around things. I am particularly interested in workflow theory. Any advice or suggestions is appreciated. I would be down for call or zoom as well.

    Thanks in advance


    Pro Tools 2022
    Orion 32+ Gen3
    SSL 9000J with Atomic Power Supply