Marcus Mittil

    I'm finally done with my revision of the mix (I think).
    - cut some 4 kHz on the 2bus
    - tried to get more definition on the bass
    - some extra de-essing (there's a LOT of that right now...)
    - eq:ed and adjusted the ambient kick
    - extra delay throws for the chorus part on lead vocals
    - brought up the snare and some additional automation throughout

    Hope this was an improvement now. Big thanks for your feedback on my first version guys!


    (Had a plugin start messing with me, so had to replace it. Stillwell's Event Horizon, wasn't reporting latency correctly, so switched it out for Fabfilter's Pro-L for now. If anyone's using any other clipper plugin that's good I'm all ears!)

    I agree with Anders, there's good stuff from PLAPA members here! I'll happily share any feedback if I win anything as well. Good luck people!