Melissa Bell

    Hi Thorsten!

    I think you've gotten most of the panning and basic levels in the ball park. It sounds like you've gotten the toms relatively close to what I did. If you were to revisit this to get closer, I think you should probably take a look at the overall tonality of things though. I'd also fix the bit where you muted all the piano after the first chorus - it emphasizes some tonal issues with the kick, as well as the squeaky pedal noise in the track. The guitar-led instrumental break towards the end of the song also feels like a completely different treatment (more like the original mix from the session zip, rather than mine).

    On the subject of the vocals... I believe that you've done something that leans in the direction of some of what I did, but I'd encourage you to look at the timing and volume of some of the effects you're using. I will say that one interesting thing I did was use a LOT of reverb (too much, really) on the vocals, but made sure to keep the direct vocal out in front of it. I think your vocal is drowning in the reverb a bit, and sounds a bit muffled as a result. That'd be a good thing to look at!



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