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Steve A

    Definitely the Neve 1073 for me as well, and to a lesser extent (not by much) the API and UAD channels, they both have their place as well ...especially the API on drum tracking, just great..
    I'm a big fan of Oxide too, really something special happening with the harmonics/saturation on that.
    And since these were the folks behind the original hardware: the 1176 bundle, the LA2A bundle, are both well worth the price of admission.
    When I first picked up my quad, there was a 3 plugin discount that I wish I would have done more homework on...
    I chose the FATSO when I should have chosen the Ampex instead. The reasons were quite clear when I demo'ed the Ampex and put it up against the FATSO, Ampex wins.
    However, I'm not sorry at all for picking up the Fairchild bundle, as those are great, and provide things to a mix that I have yet to find in another plugin (that performs as well).
    I also really like the Helios EQ, that was a freebie.. good stuff!
    A couple that I bought at a deep discount turned out to be not so spectacular, like the bx refinement that I paid $25 for ...or the Little Labs IBP, also for $25 ..both of those get little use, but who knows about the future (???)
    There are a few I have my eye on, like the Manley-Massive Passive, and the Shadow Hills Compressor, bit too rich for my blood though, unless they happen to have a sale..hmm...
    I also wonder if their Precision mastering EQ is as good as the Manley? ...once I get my reset on demos, I might just have to try that comparison out.. 😉
    *edit* Any....and/or, all of these could be useful for tracking as well as mixing.. that's my .002...