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Jeff Taylor

    I use AKG k702’s

    They’re nice and flat.

    Normally they are around $400 but for some reason Amazon has them for $180

    I’ve had my pair for a long time, they sound fine but they’re worn out physically… I’m thinking of buying one of these $180 pairs.

    If I pull the trigger I’ll post again and confirm there’s no bad reason why these are $180! Or if there is…

    Andrew Sheps uses Sony MDR 7506’s and has been for 20+ years. They’re cheap and flat.

    Honestly if I wasn’t so used to my 702’s I’d buy some 7506’s and get used to those. I might still, I’m fence sitting…

    Flat is best, and the thing to remember is you’re going to want to, and you will, get used to the headphones you end up with.

    I also have a pair of Lucid Sound LS50’s I check mixes on  - they are not flat! I like them for checking mixes because of their exaggerated bass response.

    Know that some headphones, like the 702’s have a break in period. As I understand it the 702’s wont sound “right” until they have about 100 hours on them .

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