Mark Lowrie

    Apologies all - I submitted a mix and then disappeared!  🙂  Have been flat out with other things since.  Thank you to each of you who had a listen to mine - I agree the harmonies were a bit too full (I have a tendency to like them that way) and will drop them back a bit.  There were a couple of other points that I will work through too.

    The main challenges for me were:

    1. The acoustic guitar and that string buzz!

    2. The bass too had a lot of string noise going on and a few timing issues - a lot of editing to get that to sit for me but didn't have enough time to finish it completely. There are  still a couple of string things I keep hearing!

    3. I found the Ferox plug saturation a bit temperamental - it's easy to over do it and get some form a distortion/clipping going on, which is not so nice.  I've kept going back and taking more of it out.  (I have saturation on just about everything.)

    Obviously, the recording was done to test a single mic, and there are elements that reflect that, but a good challenge working through a bunch of unfamiliar plug ins (in a DAW I haven't used for a while) to help identify the things you do with out really thinking about them!

    Question: Did any of you find a plugin you would use again?  What else did you guys get out of this?


    Updated mix: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DVS_EBMQHtY22L2EXGIKCwnlki4rIJHn/view?usp=sharing

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