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Todd Greenwood

    Hey!  Hello Jesse.

    I just joined PLAP today.   And I'm trying to figure the forum out.   This is my first reply to someone with a question.  I'm so freaking excited I could crap myself.  Anyway on recording violin.   I just broke out my old fiddle after a 15 year hiatus from it due to frozen shoulder.   But I'm giving it another go.   I posted a youtube of one of my experiments where I did the George Martin string quartet arrangement for Yesterday.  Years ago I used to play fiddle in a bar band, just a few songs a night as my main bag is guitar.   In the early days I used to ram a mic up to my left f hole as close as I could get it.   It was a great sound for a stage set up but not loud enough.   Later I switched to a pick up due to stage volume but it was never as sweet as the mic'd instrument.   So getting back into it I did the George Martin arrangement as an experiment and got really into micing my instrument.   What I found was the best that day, (it was three days actually of recording fiddles and a cello) was to sit at my desk with the mic in front of me a few inches away from the fiddle head.  So my neck is pointing at the base of the mic with the condenser pointing generally at the whole bowing area of the mic (the mic was an NT1 so the condenser element was about five-sixish inches above my hand) .   If you'd like to hear what it sounds like mic'd like that it's at .   Sorry that there isn't a decent shot of the mic'd position.   After I got a decent audio track down, I would do a video of the part before I completely forgot the part so the fiddle and cello parts a mimed after I recorded it.   If you do take the time to watch the vid, I'd really like to know what you think of it.  I'm open to any and all critic.

    Good luck with your fiddle recording man.