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Guido tum Suden

    I'm beginning to seeā€¦
    I think that you use an audio interface, the Audient iD44, which has a Hi-Z input for guitars, to record guitar. People call this a DI input, which it is, but the name is misleading in this case. Donald and me, we were speaking of using a DI Box. Something you use on stage and in the studio, to get a guitar or bass signal to XLR and from unbalanced to balanced.
    You can't use your interface outputs to plug into your guitar amp. The signal output is too high!
    So you use an actual DI Box, plug your guitar into it and go to your amp from there. Then you use the XLR-Out of the DI Box to go to your interface.
    If you want to get a higher signal from your guitar you use an active Di Box, which needs phantom power.
    A lot of studios use DI Boxes by Radial Engineering but a less expensive one like a Palmer will do perfectly in the beginning.