Academy Dashboard Forum Production Mastering Loudness Problem on Spotify? Reply To: Loudness Problem on Spotify?

Jonah Gogny

    Hey Malcolm! Thanks a lot for your reply! I've never heard of the plugon you're taliking about. Yet, as I was rather nervous on this issue, I've submitted it also to the Facebook group, and it seemed someone had a very satisfactoty explanation, which you'd be happy to know if you don't already : Spotify doesn't actually normalize its tracks in ALL contexts, but only in the event of a listener using their mobile app or desktop app : the problem here isn't actually in the master, it's just that the other tracks are mastered louder, and that Spotify ISN'T normalizing because it's a web brower window... So, for Spotify web users, the loudness war is still going on!


    Cheers! I'll check out Meterplaugs Loudness Penalty!