Marcus Mittil

    Cool with a re-upload Toby! I think anyone who wants to participate must initiate the original download to get your name in though (but ofcourse you don't need to complete the download then).

    Thank you very much for taking the time to listen and comment on my mix! I agree with your pointers. Bass was tricky, was very uneven volume. I have lots of compression and even a dynamic eq to try to battle it. Will have to have another go on it.
    I still think vocals are a bit too sibilant, but I don't think I can reduce it any more now. Didn't like them at all with all processing already done.

    Did you find that ambient kick too heavy? It was good on my monitors and headphones, but on my Bluetooth speaker it's waaay too boomy. If you didn't notice though, I guess it might be just the Bluetooth speaker (it is very bass heavy).

    Will definitely try cutting some 4khz! Thanks again!