Paul Motion

    Hey Adam, thanks for the updated mix. There’s some vfx noise or something at the beginning of the track. Probably just an easy mute but something to be aware of.
    For me I think that’s an improvement. It’s exposed a few other problems that are inherent in the original production though.
    Timing is a bit of a problem between the kick and the bass. You can tell as the attack of the bass has a very hard transient which isn’t always in time with the kick, and sometimes happens when there’s no kick so it sounds like a pop or a click.
    Chris had a great suggestion which was the key a compressor on the bass from the kick. I found I had to also get in there by hand and fix things up a bit. But I’m a total pedantic when it comes to that stuff 😉
    There are also a few random clicks here and there that are in the original audio that made no sense to me so I ended up muting them.

    There are a couple of other odd timing and instruments clashing issues here and there that would need a little work, (the acoustic at the end has a very odd phrase that I couldn’t make work for example).

    I hope that helps….. mostly problems in the original audio but that’s what we get given sometimes! 🙂