Academy Dashboard Forum Studio Gear Talk Audient iD44 (MKII) vs EVO 16 Reply To: Audient iD44 (MKII) vs EVO 16

David Spingler

    Honestly, either one will serve your purposes admirably and allow you to expand capabilities later if you need more inputs/outputs. I’d go for the iD44 myself, because I generally prefer the features and control layout, and the build quality seems slightly more robust. The auto-gain thing on the EVO is really cool, and the unit seems to overall sound great, too. The price is amazing for what you get in both cases as well, imo. So, you can’t go wrong with either unit, frankly, and you’re likely to be pleased with the results of either one. It may be as simple as “which one is more visually appealing to me?” and that’s as valid a tiebreaker as any between these two for the average amateur to mid-level home recording and/or audio engineer.