Paul Motion

    Hey Kip, this is not bad at all. I don't really profess to be any expert in this genre of music either BUT… what I do know is what excites me or makes me feel something. So my aim with any mix is to have that moment where I get a little shiver or the hairs stand up… like when a particular guitar lick comes in and you can’t help yourself from saying “SHIT YEAH!” Out loud 😀

    For me, this kind of song needs a tight but large low end, even the bass bleeding below 80Hz. A big kick is also important but I personally wouldn’t want tooo much bass down there.

    The synths and other ear candy is there to help set the melody or add interest out wide. BVs I’m going to be mixing for as much of a wall of sound as possible.

    My references for this are things like Kate Bush, Hounds of Love & The Sensual World albums. Goldfrapp, Tales of Us and Felt Mountain. Maybe a bit of I Know Leopard, Love is a Landmine album. Air, Moon Safari… maybe some Imogen Heap for her vocal arrangements… the list goes on, I have a very broad taste.

    The easy part is that, with a lot of synth sounds, there’s not much you need to do as that’s the sound the musician wants so you can generally go with it as is. So it tends to be just about the balance rather than needing to compress to control transients etc.

    I dunno… if it sounds good it is good init…