Thank you Kip, yep considering the challenge I'm content with how it sounds (my ears are not that good either), I'll re-do the song at some point with my usual choice of plugins, and see if i can get it any better.

    @ Paul, I hear you, but as I try to move the drums / hat around I'm fighting the OH and room mic's, so (for me) it's very tricky.

    The Tambo can be moved I think, so I'll try that when I re-do the song.

    I have a low pass filter cutting off the high end on the bass, so I could relax that, I really missed Bass professor mkII for bass, I also missed the TDR plugsĀ  ;0)

    My take aways........

    All things considered, I'm glad I had a go at the challenge, going with a basic set of plugins really changed my approach, made me think and was indeed a challenge (for me).

    Overall I like the Dead duck free bundle, it's plain and simple, clean and easy on the eye.

    nothing clever like dynamic eq's or multi-band compressors, all old school manual, it has what you need, though not always what you want.

    And it all worked on my system (Win 10 / Reaper) without glitches, and it's free.

    One thing though, I'm not a big fan of the reverb, it's ok, it works fine, but it has one sound, so if it doesn't suit the track ( I'm thinking Jonah Smith or Steve M), you are kind of stuck with it.

    I prefer Oril River, Dragonfly, Melda or of course Valhalla for free reverbs with more options in room sounds / manipulations (maybe I'm just more familiar with them).

    I think the developer originaly designed this bundle for getting people away from using their eyes and using their ears more, personally i think they succeeded.

    Will I use them going forward ?

    Probably not for mixing, I have other options including stock for the basics, but every now and then I might challenge myself with them again, just as a reminder to use my ears (it's a bit like soundgym without the answers / scoring), so i'm keeping them installed for thatĀ  ;0)