Paul Motion

    @Steve, for the synth I have put the J37 across it, (I’m using Only Abbey Road plugins from Waves because I’m a masochist), I also compressed it and rolled off the low end as much as possible to try and get some spread.

    For vocals, a bit of verb or maybe a delay. They just feel a bit dry to me. If you have some on them at the moment then more! 🙂

    The thing with feedback is that music, like any art, is subjective so it ultimately just becomes opinion. The detailed technical feedback comes with time. I’m not great at it to be honest but the more you do it the better you get and I find it also really helps your own work as you’re listening critically which helps focus in on the problems I have in my mixes. I also found the Sound Gym practices really helped.

    I’m struggling with the vocals at the moment. The plugins just don’t have what I need to get them to sound how I want 🙁