@Kip, Thanks, yep I agree on the acoustic, I struggled trying to get it to sound balanced with the electric, kind of dark, and it ended up "boxy".

    offering advice / feedback on other peoples mixes I find difficult to do.

    A, because I feel like a hypocrite (my mix attempts are far from perfect), and B, because I don't know what to suggest to improve the mix I hear (like which eq points to suggest, how many db etc), which means anything I attempt to say is not "Really" helpful to the other person, especially someone new / just starting out.

    @Paul, Thanks for the kind words and the pointers, I'll certainly pull out some 700Hz on the acoustic, and look into thinning out the bass and look into the drums as well, as for the Vocals I'll try but no promises LoL

    what kind of vox FX would you like ? (verb / delay, chorus ? no saturation plugin in the bundle).

    Overall, I feel my mix attempt is a bit heavy, but I was trying to match that electric guitar (heavy , dark and distorted), and struggled to find the balance / energy in the mix.

    by the way Paul, earlier you mentioned the synth (what to do with it), I muted it until the chorus before the stop, and just blended in underneath from there, just to add a little thickness / energy for the last third of the song, probably overdid it, and muddied it up more than anything, but hey ho, I tried.

    Cheers for now, 8 day's left, going to dive back in and see what i can do.