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Barry Caudill

    That looks like a great space. About a year ago when my position was eliminated at my job of over 20 years I looked into creating a studio (because I am also crazy like that) but the state of real estate right now is just horrible. A buddy of mine (who owns and runs a music school) and I were going to split a building but the potential landlord was kinda nuts and then my financial advisor admonished me for wanting to put so much build-out money into a place I didn't own. She was. of course, correct. 🙂 I started looking to buy a commercial space but the market around me is just way overpriced and also way too shark-infested right now. I still have the itch and the dream. If I could find a place to buy that already has the work done like that I would probably leap on it. Thankfully, I am supposed to start teaching recording and mixing classes at a local university in the fall and they have a very nice studio space. Best of luck. I would love to see the drawings you made btw.