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Norman Kern

    I switched to reaper about 6 months ago.  To give you a little of my background with DAW's.  My first DAW was Sonic Solutions back in 1996.  At the time Sonic was light years ahead of ProTools.  Sonic was the only 24bit system at the time and did everything.  Very costly at the time but well worth it. But Sonic went the wrong way when blue rays came out and I had to switch to another system Frameworks which later merged into Merging Technologies Pyramix.  Pyramix was great but I was spending too much for upgrades and at the time I was working in mostly in live theatre.  By the way I have worked in Music, Film, and live theater.  Sonic and Pyramix where my film systems.  While doing live theatre I was using mostly Sonar by Cakewalk, but when it sold to Gibson, I went to ProTools to do music.  I was never completely happy with ProTools because I couldn't customize it like I could with my past DAWs.  So in comes Reaper.  I spent my first month with reaper customizing it to the way I work.  The speed in which I work now is back to how it was when I was on Sonic and Pyramix, with very few freezes and crashes.  But now I am at another crossroad.  I am totally sold on the future of music will be Dolby Atmos.  I've mixed music before in 5.1 and loved what I could do with it, but never believed that it would be the future in music.  Atmos has taken all those reasons away that I had with 5.1.  So I am making the move to build an Atmos system.  I have to change to Mac from PC which is a bummer because I build my own computers.  Now the challenge will be if Reaper can handle Atmos.  I have heard that someone has been using it, but there isn't much on that as of yet.  I would be bummed if I had to go back to Protools, But I have always done what ever needs to be done, even if it hurts.  Just crossing my fingers that I will be able to make it work with Reaper.